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Open Leadership encourages transparency and deeper communication in learning communities. It promotes the open learning characteristics by focusing on a set vision of education.

Blogs of some amazing open leaders...

Stephanie Rivera (Preservice Teacher)

George Couros (Principal)

Silvia Tolisano (Teacher)

Laurie Renton (Teacher)

Dean Shareski (Discovery Ed PD)

Shelley Wright (Teacher)

Allie Holland (Teacher)

Alan Levine (College Prof)

Alec Couros (University Prof)

Sue Waters (Blogger)

Toni Olivieri- Barton (Librarian)

Chris Kennedy (Superintendent)

Audrey Waters (Technology Journalist)

Chris Lehman (Principal)

Darren Kuropatwa (IT Coordinator)

List of Great Educators Blogs - and WHY!

Open Leader Assessment: